Fans of David Archuleta united to make a difference thru his music



We felt it was important to let David know
that not only does he have a legion of devoted archangels that kept his songs on the airwaves but also very supportive radio stations in Malaysia.
One station in particular is like no other in the world – they have believed in him and his music from the very first ‘Crush’ way back in 2008, and that’s FLY FM!

Fly FM Malaysia was the first radio station in Malaysia
to play David’s first single “Crush”, that debuted on 11 August 2008. In fact, webquesting for Crush even led to the
Fly FM website crashing due to fans’ request overload. Haha!

We are very grateful to have had the chance to show David, during his brief visit to Malaysia, how much Fly FM has supported his songs all this time by designing a special book that summarized all the songs that Fly FM aired from each of David’s album (complete with all the debut dates) in the order below;

The Debut Album (2008),
Christmas From The Heart (2009) and
The Other Side Of Down (2010) plus
the Asian Tour Edition (2011)

Click HERE to view:

To date, Fly FM Malaysia has spun ALL 12 songs from the The Other Side Of Down and the additional 4 songs from the Asian Tour Edition (exclude Zero Gravity which debuted on 6 November 2009)


During the presentation….( a little recap)

DAVID WAS SHOCKED to find out that Fly FM even spun so many songs from the Christmas From The Heart album (as he pointed to the list attached)…He had NO IDEA his CFTH was aired in Malaysia.

HE HAD THE LOOK OF DISBELIEF FOLLOWED BY AWE when we told him that Fly FM spun ALL his songs from The Other Side Of Down album. Haha!
He clearly didn’t know about that either….

At one point I told him that Fly DJs would spin any songs of his that his fans requested…. and Hunnymadu next to him said: ‘Yeah! We are the suckers!” …to which he laughed…

A DETAILED RADIO CHART of all the songs spun was also attached with the special book.
I told him that the updated radio charts were all AiSim’s work from waaayyy back in the daayyys.

HE TURNED TO LOOK AT HER WITH A VERY ASTOUNDED EXPRESSION (well maybe you need to check with AiSim on that…LOL)

After we finished, DAVID POINTING TO THE OTHER SIDE OF DOWN – ATE in the book, asked ‘SO WHICH SONGS YOU GUYS LIKE BEST?”There was a wee bit of silence then… so I quickly said… “I LIKE WAIT”…and he said “THAT’S ONE OF MY FAVORITE TOO”. (SO COOL!) …. and I told him right before leaving…Í can’t WAIT (no pun intended) to hear it live.’ ….he laughed! LOLS!

Archangels, Fly FM spun all David’s songs but it would not have been possible if not for you guys diligently requesting and keeping at it all these years.
KUDOS to each and every Archie who has called, texted, webquested and tweetquested David’s songs on Fly FM and on all the other radio stations.

LET’S keep our favorite songs – David’s songs – on the airwaves for a long time to come 🙂
… if you want David back for his next CONCERT!!!

sponsored by OneDavid, which will be given out via Fly FM soon! This is in continuing with OneDavid’s efforts to support and promote David’s music through various joint promos with Fly FM since 2009 for each new album launched.

So guys! Stay tuned to Fly FM for the CUE to call to win these awesome goodies!

REQUEST any of your favorite David Archuleta songs by tweet request, text demand or by simply dialing 03-77241144, and remember to log into FLYFM 95.8 WEBQUEST HERE!

for inviting OneDavid to attend the interview on July 25, 2011 at KL Hilton. It allowed us to show David our love and support for his music ALL these years.

Many thanks to Sony Music Malaysia
for boldly staging David Archuleta Live In Malaysia at Stadium Negara, July 26, 2011.

but mostly..

Specially prepared by,
OneDavid – Kim Sng, AiSim Chan & Elicia Koay


David in July’s Hot Magazine

“One of the biggest challenges is having a lot of attention on you” David Archuleta

THANKS Hanna for the scans!

David Archuleta The Other Side of Down (Asian Tour Edition)

David Archuleta
The Other Side of Down
(Asian Tour Edition)
Date of Release: 14th July 2011

David Archuleta continues to grow his artistry and fan base far beyond his years. The Other Side of Down, featuring hit singles such as “Something ‘Bout Love”, “Elevator” and “Falling Stars” is geared towards a core demographic of growing teen and tween girls but also lends itself to a secondary, more mature audience.

The Asian Tour Edition comes with extra 4 new songs and the previously unreleased track, “Zero Gravity”, and a Bonus Karaoke DVD, featuring his hits singles like “Crush”, “A Little Too Not Over You”, “Touch My Hand” and “Something ‘Bout Love”.

David Archuleta will be kicking off his “The Other Side of Down Tour 2011” in Kuala Lumpur on the 26th of July at Stadium Negara.

Track listing
1. The Other Side of Down – 4th Single
2. Something ‘Bout Love – 1st Single
3. Elevator – 2nd Single
4. Stomping The Roses
5. Who I Am
6. Falling Stars – 3rd Single
7. Parachutes and Airplanes
8. Look Around
9. Good Place
10. Complain
11. Things Are Gonna Get Better
12. My Kind of Perfect

Bonus Tracks:
13. Zero Gravity
14. Love Don’t Hate (new song)
15. Everything & More (new song) – 5th single
16. Notice Me (new song)
17. Wait (new song)

Bonus Karaoke DVD:
1. Crush
2. A Little Too Not Over You
3. Touch My Hand
4. Something ‘Bout Love

ARCHULETA ALL GROWN UP – The Sun On Monday Entertainment 7/4/2011 Interview

“I want to know what I sound like without people pressuring me and telling me to do this and that, and saying that I’ll not successful if I don’t listen to them. I think I’m able to express my feelings better without being tied down by a record label.”

David Archuleta Meet & Greets up for grabs!

Wanna win yourself a meet & greet with the man himself?

Let’s create some hot buzz for his concert in Malaysia on twitter and facebook and you may just win a meet & greet from OneDavid at the same time!
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Breaking news!!! Archulicious offerings from Sony Music Malaysia!!!

Press Release
David Archuleta “The Other Side Of Down Tour” Live In Malaysia VVIP Tickets Out For Grabs!
Your chance to attend the Sound Check Party and more!

Get ready for the ultimate fan experience because the VVIP tickets for David Archuleta “The Other Side of Down Tour” Live in Malaysia now comes with the Sound Check Party pass!! That’s right, Archangels! You get to watch David on stage doing his sound check before his concert and also a chance for an intimate fans Q&A session.

The VVIP ticket entitles you to premiums like T-Shirt, poster, the Asian Tour Edition of The Other Side of Down album and not forgetting the Sound Check Party pass! So hurry, there’s only limited places available for the Sound Check party.

To purchase the VVIP tickets only, kindly call Sony Music’s office at 03- 6207 9898 and ask for Sue, Joanne Wong or Ms. Sing. If you’ve already bought the VVIP ticket and would like to be upgraded in order to get the Sound Check Party pass, kindly contact us soonest possible.

Also if you’ve read the above correctly, yes there will be a new album release entitled The Other Side of Down: Asian Tour Edition album. Releasing on the 19th of July, the CD+DVD album includes 5 brand new songs on top of the original track list of The Other Side of Down inclusive of a lyrics booklet for only RM49.90. As for the DVD portion of the album, it includes 4 karaoke videos for you to sing along to your favourite David Archuleta song. So be sure to get a copy of the album this coming July.

Other ticket pricing is at RM300 for VIP, RM230 and RM190 for numbered seating, and RM150 and RM90 for free seating (All prices shown excludes RM3 ticket handling fees). Tickets are also made available through Ticket Charge and AirAsia Redtix

For more information, log on to Sony Music Malaysia FaceBook

Revisiting David’s Specials on Malaysia FlyFM 2008 – 2011

Woohoo @FlyFM958 premiering DavidArchie Everything And More now!! 7/04/2011 10:22am

Thank you FlyFM for the support shown to David Archuleta, for the interviews and for playing his music! WE LOVE FLYFM!!!


Malaysia FlyFM958 Exclusive Interview aired on June 21 2011. Zher Phone Interviews David from Nashville …looking forward to come back to Malaysia

David Archuleta Malaysia Concert Official Announcement

FlyFM Hunny Madu Sharing with Fans on David parting with JIVE
FlyFM Interviews Shontelle ..mentions David .. Collaboration?

Shontelle tweet from Malaysia 12-8-10

FlyFM Hunny Madu Phone Interviews David from Singapore 11-13-10. Aired on 12-2-10 & TOSOD US Fans Edition Gift Away

David replied to 1D tweet 10-1-10 on ELEVATOR

Something ‘Bout Love Premier – Rush Hours with Jules & Prem
ZERO GRAVITY Debut on Most Wanted Chart & ShoutOut to OneDavid 6/12/2009. ZERO GRAVITY WAS CHAMPION ON NIGHT FLIGHT’S LOVEIT/SHOVEIT for 45 NITES! Program has since been cancelled.
ALL THE ABOVE YouTube Credit: zerogravity111A
A LITTLE TOO NOT OVER YOU Champion on FlyFM Nightflights LoveIt/ShoveIt 51 nights in a row, made history on Nightflights when it became the champion of LoveIt/ShoveIt for 46 nights, breaking the 45 nights record held by Click 5 and retired thereafter and was inducted to FlyFM LoveIt/ShoveIt Hall Of Fame
Credit: archuletavenue
FlyFM crushers on David Archuleta…Compilation of FlyFM David Archuleta Week 9/15-9/19/2008 & David Archuleta & David Cook Album Promo Week 11/24-11/29/2008
Credit: archuletavenue

Berita Minggu BiPOP 6-26-11 “David Archuleta’s Concert At Stadium Negara”

David Archuleta’s Concert at Stadium Negara
Translated by Salamahafifi

The popularity of the American Idol Season 7 Runner-Up David Archuleta has not declined. He did only a showcase in his first visit to Kuala Lumpur, but this July, something bigger awaits his fans. Archuleta will be in action with his solo concert in Kuala Lumpur, 26 July at Stadium Negara.

With a series of popular songs from his three albums David Archuleta, Christmas from the Heart and the latest, The Other Side of Down, this teenage star with his own unique personality has loyal fans. Tickets are offered at RM300 for VIP, RM 230 and RM190 for numbered seatings, RM150 and RM90 for free seating.

Tickets can be bought fromTicket Charge and AirAsia Redtix from 20 June.

Archuleta, 21, began his first step in singing when he championed the Utah Talent Competition at the age of ten thus giving him a chance to appear on the TV screen.

His talent stole the hearts of many when the youngest finalist was in the season 7 of the reality show American Idol.

However, Archuleta failed to be declared champion when he lost to David Cook and received 44 percent out of the 97 million votes total. Archuleta released his first single Crush in August 2008 followed by his debut album in October 2008. After releasing a Christmas Album in October 2010, this singer from Utah rearranged his activities and produced the third album, The Other Side of Down which is popular with the single, Something ‘Bout Love.

FINDING HIS OWN DIRECTION – David Archuleta in Malaysian Utusan Malaysia Interview

Translated by Salamahafifi

When David Archuleta’s name was dropped by record label, Jive Records, fans of the cute singer began questioning his goal in music.

This decision made by the record label that has previously taken care of many popular singers including Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync and Allison Iraheta definitely came as a shocker.

To them (the fans), it is a huge loss for a popular record label such as Jive Records to let go of a special talent like Archuleta.

Moreover with the American Idol Season 7 Runner-Up title he holds, it should have been an advantage for Archuleta to be with Jive Records.

The reason given by Jive Records for the drop is because his third album, The Other Side Of Down failed to reach remarkable sales.

Since 18th of February this year, the album distributed by Sony Music Entertainment recorded sales of only 67000 copies.

This figure is only based on the sales in the United States and the figure is far different from his first album, David Archuleta which successfully sold nearly one million units; recognised as platinum.

Not only that, compared to his debut album which managed to hit second on the Billboard 200 charts, his sophomore album The Other Side of Down was only on the thirteenth position.

“I realise many were shocked with this news but I see it from a positive perspective. Jive has actually offered a new contract for me to be with them. “

“But I turned the offer down as I haven’t been happy with them these past two years. It’s because the direction I want to go with music is not going where I want it to go.”

“For the time being, I need time to sit and think thoroughly about the future.”

“Even so, I still see myself as lucky to have been given the opportunity to work with people who have more experience in this industry,”explained Archuleta in a phone interview arranged by Sony Music Malaysia recently.

After joining American Idol in 2008 and signed contract with Jive Records, Archuleta has recorded three albums including a Christmas album titled Christmas From The Heart (2009).

Continuing with the interview, the 20-year-old Archuleta said that he was not given the chance to decide his own direction in music as he needed to follow the record label’s directions.

For that reason, he felt that he was not free to make his own decisions that he feels is best for his own music career.

Since he’s no longer tied to any record label currently, Archuleta regards this as freedom to search for better opportunities.

It’s not that there are no labels that want to take him as their recording artist, but for now, says Archuleta, he’s more comfortable moving at his own pace.

“What’s the point of being a recording artist and produce the same result? Are they ready to hear and accept my ideas?”

“It would be better for me to focus on writing song and gather as much material before recording the next album,”

“I’m only prepared if my songs are well-received and the music that I want ensures that I stay as an artist,”explained Archuleta in a firm but diplomatic tone.

Even though faced with a problem that is seen as the end of his music career, Archuleta sees it as wisdom and believes there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Never regretting his choice, the son to Jeff Archuleta and Lupe Marie Mayorga described his journey for the past four years colourful.He has been through it all: love, sad, bitter, sweet.

What’s important to Archuleta is the strong and endless support from his fans since the start of his career.

Along with his maturity, the singer with the full name David James Archuleta wants to give new spirit and a positive impact to himself as well as his fans.

“Most of the songs written now are more focused on positive messages. I’ve done all these since the third album, which I co-wrote 10 out of 12 songs.”

“Even though I was a little disappointed with the album sales, as an artist and someone who was directly involved in the album production, I am very satisfied.”

“The album The Other Side of Down shows my maturity from all aspects and I’m happy that fans were able to receive them well. I was even more excited as I managed to gather more new fans through the album.”

“Most of the feedback I received didn’t expect that I would produce music such as those in the album. It proves that age is not an obstacle to produce music that leaves an impact in the hearts of listeners,”says Archuleta who is well-known for his songs such as Crush and A Little Too Not Over You.

In the same interview, this young man born on 28 December 1990 told us of his plans to produce new songs as an appetizer before he releases a new album.

“I have my own strategy in how I want to move on with my music career. There are no plans for a new album but a new song is very likely.”

“Recently, I met several parties in Los Angeles regarding this. At the same time, I go to Nashville to make music.”

“Many asked if I am now with the country genre. Of course not, I still remain with my identity,”he said.

Malaysia FlyFM958 Exclusive Interview aired on June 21 2011

David Archuleta “The Other Side Of Down” Live In Malaysia Ticket Launch Event June 19 2011

More Pictures from Rentak Sejuta
Hot Magazine
Sony Music Malaysia FaceBook

David Archuleta Live In Malaysia 2011 Ticket Launching Event!

We wl be giving out sticker tags for priority tix purchase lane for OneDavid followers on Sun 19June tix launch! More deets coming!

Time: Sunday, June 19 · 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Location: Berjaya Times Square Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

David Archuleta “The Other Side Of Down” Live In Malaysia Ticket Launch Event

Calling all Malaysian Archangels! This is the moment you’ve been waiting for… your chance to grab the best seats in town to catch David Archuleta up-close as he performs on Tuesday, 26th July, 8pm at Stadium Negara!

We’ll be having a Ticket Launch event sale on Sunday, 19th of June at Berjaya Times Square between 3 – 6pm! Don’t miss this opportunity to secure your seats! Besides that, there’ll be lots of games and activities on that day for you to stand a chance to win attractive prizes like posters, Sony Music Hampers and also a chance to win exclusive Meet & Greet passes!!

David Archuleta’s Malaysian concert seating plan!

That’s not all! If you bring along David’s latest album, “The Other Side of Down”, or purchase it during the event, you can get the concert ticket at 10% discount (one album will entitle you to get discount for only one concert ticket)!

Ticket pricing is at RM300 for VIP, RM230 and RM190 for numbered seating, and RM150 and RM90 for free seating (All prices shown excludes RM3 ticket handling fees). Tickets are also made available through Ticket Charge ( and AirAsia RedTix outlets ( starting 20th of June onwards.

Be sure to tune into FLY FM, the Official Radio Partner for the David Archuleta “The Other Side Of Down” Live In Malaysia during the “MUST SEE DAVID ARCHULETA LIVE” segment from July 18th to 22nd and be on the lookout for the password to win tickets as well as exclusive Meet & Greet passes to David’s concert. For more information on this, make sure you keep your ears glued to FLY FM!

For more updates, log on to