Fans of David Archuleta united to make a difference thru his music

Pick Of The Day

Zero Gravity Columbus OH March 5 2009
Zero Gravity SLC Utah March 27 2009
So the latest rumblings in the archunet grapevine calls for a celebration! A new single… in 3 weeks… an uptempo fun number… co-written by David… wow, wow, wow! Ever since the fans first heard the inconspicuous demo circling on youtube to the very first time David himself sang it live in Virginia Beach, and all the way letting loose a little more with each tour stop – it’s non-inclusion into the debut album has been a big question mark. For some reason, while Jive thought Zero Gravity was good enough to be shopped around, they somehow didn’t think it was suited to David? Well, it really took many a live performance, many fan emails and lots of internet buzz to finally hit Jive in the head! So, this may yet be the smartest turnaround for Jive and possibly a turning point for David’s already remarkable young career. As fans, we simply just can’t wait… to fly with Zero Gravity and David!


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