Fans of David Archuleta united to make a difference thru his music

“What Have You Done For David Lately?” – FAN INITIATIVE CAMPAIGN!

HEY all! Have you done something creative or interesting to promote David’s music lately? Or perhaps planning to go to the ‘streets’ soon to create some buzz for David? We want to hear about it! Even better, we want to feature your cool stories from now till November – and ONE INITIATIVE will be awarded a special prize – an AUTOGRAPHED, FRAMED A4 PHOTO OF DAVID!

Autographed David photo

Autographed David photo

Yes! We want to highlight your efforts… and reward that dedicated fan! Coz we know all archangels love David to bits, and many are going out of their way to spread the love and ODD! So, if you have been plugging and blasting “Zero Gravity” at public park recently, or sneaked a front page feature on the Fanpack in your school’s news bulletin, or perhaps sent “A Thousand Miles” to a dozen djs …. share your story with us! Better still – send us videos, photos etc to ‘colour’ up your story. Keep it coming… till November 2009!

Here’s our all-time favourite fan initiatives by the AWESOME NY archangels! Woot!promoting Crush in Central Park, NYC (credit Loonyluna00)
NY archangels strike again for album launch! (credit hpfangurlrox)

Did those amazing NY archangels get you pumped yet? Do it for David … and send your story to And keep checking back for it to be posted here!

Note any accompanying videos should be on youtube. Hope its understandable we will feature efforts by individuals, not campaigns spearheaded by fansites!


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  mike davis wrote @

I have been praising David to all that will listen for what he as done for me ..whan people ask me how did you lose so much weight i tell them this

Last year I was very overwieght and had a lot of health problems . Then i saw a story about a young man who worked his whole young life to be a singer . He worked hard . He had problems with his voice. He never gave up. He made it to American Idol and got second. That kid was David Archuleta of coarse. I took his story and his great music and used it for insperation. Since, I have lost 170 pounds and have no health problems. Im so much happier and healther and i have ever been in my life. thank you for listening and have a Archuleta day.

i have posted this story on idol forum i even have my own discution sight on forum called insperation .. i post on facebook often and myspace .. i praise the glory of david everday. and i always say have a Archuleta day… so thanks and have a Archuleta Day…

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