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SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE For International Fans!

Seventeen - July issue

Seventeen - July issue

Hi! We’ve been getting quite a few requests from non-Malaysians for the July issue of Seventeen magazine – which was OUT in the stores TODAY! David’s our COVERBOY!

credit 17malaysia

So – YES we can arrange to purchase the magazine and mail to you – just email us your NAME, FULL ADDRESS, and EMAIL, and NO. OF COPIES required.

click above for larger view

Please note you will have to pay for the magazine and postage costs as well – the cost tabulation for the various countries are HERE. We will email the Paypal payment instructions to you.



  Sandra DB – Venezuela wrote @

Awesome!!! thanks so much One David! for this and for all that you are doing to support David. He deserves all our love, admiration, and respect.

I want this magazine!!! : ). I’m sending you an email right now. Thanks again!

  onedavid wrote @

Welcome Sandra! Anything for David!:)

  michelle wrote @


  Wyona Hall wrote @

Please let me know how to get this magazine. Thmak you so much.

  onedavid wrote @

Wyona, Just email us your mailing addy, name, no of copies, email. We will coordinate to post to you!

  Wyona Hall wrote @

Thank you so much. I have been following David since “Idol” and am so proud of him for what he has accomplished. Also for the great example he is for the youth of the world.

  Wyona Hall wrote @

Sorry I didn’t put the number of copies in the other post. I just want one copy.
Thank You

  aKang wrote @

Hi One David team,

First time here and THANKS for the Seveenteen magazine shoutout. Will be getting a copy today. Will visit this site as often as I can!!

  Sandra DB – Venezuela wrote @

Hello again!

I would love two copies of the magazine; one for me and one from my friend who lives in Denmark. I will be sending another email today with the request.

Once again, thanks for everything!!!! Mil gracias!!

  carla wrote @

hi guys…

sent an email of my particulars for the copy of 17 Magazine…hope u got it…

thanks for posting also a part of the mag here on your site…can’t wait to have a copy…hope u could give in to my super request…thankssss =)

  onedavid wrote @

We got it! Sorting the large amt requests out! Thks for being patient! We will send out instructions to all soon!

  Jun wrote @

Wheeeee! Kudos to OneDavid! 🙂

  kat wrote @

hi! really appreciate what you guys did. thank you!!! btw how much does one mag weigh by gram?

  onedavid wrote @

It weighs approx 300g.

  meidy wrote @

hi OneDavid! thank you for 17magz shout out! i’m gonna mail you right now!!
thank you so muchhhhh! ❤

  Emily wrote @

does it have to be paypal? because i cant use that site. is there any other way i can pay you?

  Emily wrote @

or can somebody buy it for me and ill send you a check or any other payment?

  onedavid wrote @

the best is by paypal – u can get someone else to pay via paypal. Just email us, and we will forward the payment instructions to you!

  Emily wrote @

i already emailed you but i can’t do it through paypal. :/

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