Fans of David Archuleta united to make a difference thru his music

Pick Of The Day – Merry Go Round

David’s fans are expert you-tubers – from tear-inducing tribute vids to cute random-singing ones to amazing front-row tour vids!

And for those who would ‘rewind’ just to watch their fave parts, some ingenious fans have invented the “merry-go-rounds”…. Check them out!

This one started it all – a cool intro brought about by a guitar malfunction?? Love this ‘once-only’ intro to Works For Me!
Works For Me, Reno
credit tinabeebop

Barriers, Sayreville
credit tinabeebop

One, Sayreville
credit djbell13

Wonderwall of Stars, Edinburgh

Final note of “Stand By Me”, Manila
credit danaduck486

Barriers, Del Mar
credit msrxamontreal

Touch My Hand, Hartford
credit djbell13

ALTNOY, Hartford
credit djbell13


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  GG wrote @

That playful gorgeous milliion dollar smile of his drives everyone crazy. No other artist could ever try to compare and that includes demi.

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