Fans of David Archuleta united to make a difference thru his music

Pick Of The Day – Growing Up David!

Little Baby DavidLittle Baby David 1Baby David 1Baby David 2Quixote StudiosStarSearchStarSearch2Wellington B&GDance Club 2 51704Green Shirt 72103Young David smileYoung DavidYoung David 1Headshot YellowShirtSnow DavidYoung David 3Young David in RedSinging I could not ask for moreYoung David 2Revisiting these pics, one will have to agree that David is the picture-perfect GapKid poster boy! Yet who would have thought that many a comment from the current summer tour would be directed at David’s ‘hotness’ – which seems unimaginable just little more than a year ago during Idol… although it started surfacing just a bit during the infamous ‘Apologize Strut’!

Yes, he is slowly shedding some of his sugary cuteness, but smexy or not, we can’t deny the one constant in David of all ages – that sunshiney smile and the kindest eyes that reveal a most beautiful soul within!


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