Fans of David Archuleta united to make a difference thru his music

Fanpack Gifting for Sri KDU Students!

Calling all Sri KDU students!

Heard David Archuleta’s latest upbeat track – Zero Gravity – on radio? Not sure where to get a download of the song?

OneDavid, teaming up with Teamarchie, is gifting FREE ‘US’ iTunes downloads exclusively to you!

The FIRST 20 SKDU students to email us will be gifted the David Archuleta Fanpack from iTunes. It consists of ‘Zero Gravity’ studio track, ‘A Thousand Miles’ unplugged studio cover and ‘Touch My Hand’ live music video.

The NEXT 80 SKDU students will be gifted the ‘Zero Gravity’ iTunes download!

So grab your fave David Archuleta songs NOW! Simply EMAIL US your NAME, EMAIL ADD, CONTACT #, STUDENT # to today!

Gifting is exclusive to Sri KDU students. Please provide your student number for verification.

NOTE that iTunes downloads can only be gifted to a ‘US’ iTunes account. OneDavid will provide instructions on the account setup. Account will be linked to the email address you provide, so make sure the email is not linked to another non-‘US’ iTunes account which you may already have.


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