Fans of David Archuleta united to make a difference thru his music

Pick Of The Day – “Anthem Singer”

anthem singer

flashed across the TV screen as David belts out at the US Open….

“America The Beautiful” @ US Open NYC, 13Sep 09 credit r2rod2
Let’s celebrate our ‘anthem singer’ here… whether it’s acapella, in the rain, cold or tropical sunshine, with a flag flapping at his face or accompanied by canons, fireworks or a post-performance stampede….. David brings out the patriotic spirit in us, no matter which part of the globe we live in!

David’s amazing gift to deliver the message of these songs – with just the right dose of his own soulful nuances, but never overshadowing the beauty of the words or melody – is the reason why we are always left in awe and in tears after. Through his genuine delivery, the message is brought to life in its full beauty.

Yes, David Archuleta is THE anthem singer indeed – and that’s national treasure! Scroll down and Enjoy!“Star Spangled Banner” @ FSC RealTinto, 6June 09
credit r2rod2

“Star Spangled Banner” @ ProBowl Hawaii, 8Feb 09credit r2rod2

“Star Spangled Banner” @ Inauguration, 5Jan 09
credit EvelynFOJG

“Star Spangled Banner” @ Ohio HS game, 24Oct 08
credit dryeyestrain

“God Bless America” @ ALCS Tampa Bay, 10Oct 08
credit ladyvette826

“Star Spangled Banner” @ NBA SLC, 9May 08
credit robferre3

“God Bless America” – audio of younger David
credit morosemollusk

“Star Spangled Banner” – audio of younger David
credit robertrigler

“God Bless America” @ NYC Memorial 11Sept 02
credit r2rod2


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