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“Christmas From The Heart” First Pickups in Malaysia!!

XmasCDMsia3XmasMsiaCDinsideAWESOME Malaysian preorder-only GiftBox edition has the precious CD sitting pretty in a Christmas box that’s a “ready-to-go” gift – with spaces to pen “Dearest…” and your “Message” from the heart!

FABULOUS packaging and huge KUDOS to SONY MUSIC MALAYSIA for giving us fans the privilege of getting this album super-early and the keepsake collector giftbox!

Camera roll….. including a pic of FlyFM (represented by AdamBoy) being one of the first recipient of “CFTH” courtesy of OneDavid!
Adam with David CFTH cdXmasFanmugXmasFan1XmasFan2XmasFan3XmasFan4XmasFan7XmasFan6XmasFan5XmasFan8XmasFan9XmasFan11Xmasfan10CDsXmasFan12XmasFanPhotoBkXmasFan16XmasFan18XmasFan16XmasFan26XmasFan25XmasFan24XmasFan23XmasFan22XmasFan21XmasFan20XmasFan27XmasFan28XmasFan31XmasFan30XmasFan32XmasFan29


Fans are invited to send us your pics! There are many whom we missed an opportunity to capture your pics!



  Bill wrote @

aww cute pics 😀

  Vijay Eswaran wrote @

Wow, Cant wait to get hold of this cd.

  DominDis wrote @

Your Archie’s in Malaysi were so lucky! I dunno if we will also have that gift box here in the Philippines. Tomorrow is the release of David’s Christ from the Heart album here. I really can’t wait!

  onedavid wrote @

Giftbox is only exclusive in Malaysia unfortunately! U can order via us and we can ship to you though!

  DavidoLL wrote @

oh my goSh!!!!…COOL! I wish I could have one of those tOo…=(

  DavidoLL wrote @

’cause I only have a CFTH album of him…=(

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