Fans of David Archuleta united to make a difference thru his music

FINDING HIS OWN DIRECTION – David Archuleta in Malaysian Utusan Malaysia Interview

Translated by Salamahafifi

When David Archuleta’s name was dropped by record label, Jive Records, fans of the cute singer began questioning his goal in music.

This decision made by the record label that has previously taken care of many popular singers including Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync and Allison Iraheta definitely came as a shocker.

To them (the fans), it is a huge loss for a popular record label such as Jive Records to let go of a special talent like Archuleta.

Moreover with the American Idol Season 7 Runner-Up title he holds, it should have been an advantage for Archuleta to be with Jive Records.

The reason given by Jive Records for the drop is because his third album, The Other Side Of Down failed to reach remarkable sales.

Since 18th of February this year, the album distributed by Sony Music Entertainment recorded sales of only 67000 copies.

This figure is only based on the sales in the United States and the figure is far different from his first album, David Archuleta which successfully sold nearly one million units; recognised as platinum.

Not only that, compared to his debut album which managed to hit second on the Billboard 200 charts, his sophomore album The Other Side of Down was only on the thirteenth position.

“I realise many were shocked with this news but I see it from a positive perspective. Jive has actually offered a new contract for me to be with them. “

“But I turned the offer down as I haven’t been happy with them these past two years. It’s because the direction I want to go with music is not going where I want it to go.”

“For the time being, I need time to sit and think thoroughly about the future.”

“Even so, I still see myself as lucky to have been given the opportunity to work with people who have more experience in this industry,”explained Archuleta in a phone interview arranged by Sony Music Malaysia recently.

After joining American Idol in 2008 and signed contract with Jive Records, Archuleta has recorded three albums including a Christmas album titled Christmas From The Heart (2009).

Continuing with the interview, the 20-year-old Archuleta said that he was not given the chance to decide his own direction in music as he needed to follow the record label’s directions.

For that reason, he felt that he was not free to make his own decisions that he feels is best for his own music career.

Since he’s no longer tied to any record label currently, Archuleta regards this as freedom to search for better opportunities.

It’s not that there are no labels that want to take him as their recording artist, but for now, says Archuleta, he’s more comfortable moving at his own pace.

“What’s the point of being a recording artist and produce the same result? Are they ready to hear and accept my ideas?”

“It would be better for me to focus on writing song and gather as much material before recording the next album,”

“I’m only prepared if my songs are well-received and the music that I want ensures that I stay as an artist,”explained Archuleta in a firm but diplomatic tone.

Even though faced with a problem that is seen as the end of his music career, Archuleta sees it as wisdom and believes there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Never regretting his choice, the son to Jeff Archuleta and Lupe Marie Mayorga described his journey for the past four years colourful.He has been through it all: love, sad, bitter, sweet.

What’s important to Archuleta is the strong and endless support from his fans since the start of his career.

Along with his maturity, the singer with the full name David James Archuleta wants to give new spirit and a positive impact to himself as well as his fans.

“Most of the songs written now are more focused on positive messages. I’ve done all these since the third album, which I co-wrote 10 out of 12 songs.”

“Even though I was a little disappointed with the album sales, as an artist and someone who was directly involved in the album production, I am very satisfied.”

“The album The Other Side of Down shows my maturity from all aspects and I’m happy that fans were able to receive them well. I was even more excited as I managed to gather more new fans through the album.”

“Most of the feedback I received didn’t expect that I would produce music such as those in the album. It proves that age is not an obstacle to produce music that leaves an impact in the hearts of listeners,”says Archuleta who is well-known for his songs such as Crush and A Little Too Not Over You.

In the same interview, this young man born on 28 December 1990 told us of his plans to produce new songs as an appetizer before he releases a new album.

“I have my own strategy in how I want to move on with my music career. There are no plans for a new album but a new song is very likely.”

“Recently, I met several parties in Los Angeles regarding this. At the same time, I go to Nashville to make music.”

“Many asked if I am now with the country genre. Of course not, I still remain with my identity,”he said.



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