Fans of David Archuleta united to make a difference thru his music


So this latest craze deserves a page of its own! Tweet your djs and request for David’s songs, or just chat them up and spread some David love!

Main twitter account : @FLYFM958
Pagi Show
dj Phat Fabes – @phatfabes
dj Nadia – @NadiaFly
dj Ben – @benjern
Hot 10 @ 10
dj Hunny – @heyhunnymadu
Rush Hour
dj Zher – @thepeenut
dj Prem – @premosupremo
Fly 30 – @fly30countdown
dj Hafiz – @cowbear
dj Jay Dee – @jaydeefied

Main twitter account : @hitzdotfm
dj JJ – @JJhitz
dj Ean – @eanhitz
dj Adam C – @Adamcarruthers
dj Natalie – @nataliehitz
dj Jin – @JinnyBoy
dj Moots – @Mootsshuvit
dj Rudy – @Rudyculously

Main twitter account : @mixdotfm

dj Sham – @Sham_Mix
dj SerenaC – @serenachoong

Main twitter account : @redfm104_9


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  Jana Jilson wrote @

What an excellent website. You guys have done a great job organizing everything and making the navigation easy to browse. How can I subscribe to your RSS feed? If you have one please let us know how to get more great information from your website.

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