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The real Archuleta – “Best American Idol Ever”

Awesome writeup in Malaysian New Straits Time today June 17 2011



David arrives @ KLIA Malaysia 8Apr09

David KL Vlog – theofficialarchuleta

David Archuleta performs @ Sri KDU 9Apr09 (Official Video) Part 1
David Archuleta performs @ Sri KDU 9Apr09 (Official Video) Part 2

David Archuleta’s press conference in KL – KLueTV 9Apr09

The Star Interview – The Chosen One 9Apr09

MIX fm Exclusive: Sham talks to David Archuleta! (I) 10Apr09
MIX fm Exclusive: Sham talks to David Archuleta! (II) 10Apr09

RED FM Aly meets David Archuleta 10Apr09

Singing Crush while waiting for david to arrive!
4 yr old fangirl singing Crush!

Watch the 1st few secs of this video – David looked astounded when he came onstage! He turned back and looked at Sony BMG Country Manager who give him the thumbs up!!

First song – ALTNOY! ALTNOY won FlyFM Love It/Shove It for 51 nights, broke record and retired to grace FlyFM’s Wall of Fame!
A Little Too Not Over You …. APA KHABAR MALAYSIA!

After he sang ALTNOY, it was Touch My Hand …. lol screams!

Don’t Let Go!! INTENSE!

David sang his hit first single Crush… the crowd sang along … every time he sings it differently! Arghhh “the way I do!!”
Then ‘finishing’ his set David said “Terima kasih Malaysia!!” (It means Thank you Malaysia)!

ENCORE! A Thousand Miles & Angels!
A Thousand Miles
David teared-up and said “Love you Malaysia!” “Malaysia Boleh!” (“Malaysia Can”)

David Archuleta gave a speech after taking group picture with Malaysian fans

David Archuleta Thanks His Fans
Special thank you message from David Archuleta to his Malaysian fans from online urban music news site Rentak Sejuta, after his promotional showcase in KL.

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And to sum it up…. 🙂

Pick of the Day – Plethora of Plaids!

click ‘plaid boy’ for bigger view

 In Tune Concert NYC January 12, 2009 When David tweeted from the UK that he was ‘into’ PLAIDS, he certainly wasn’t kidding! And while he has favoured the occasional plaid in many a public appearance in the past, it is in the current summer tour that David decided to unleash his ‘plaid fetish’ in full fervour upon us!

So here’s our ‘plaid parade’ of his snazzy collection – some being the doing of cool stylists or fan gifts, others personally hand-picked by our ‘plaid boy’ on his many a shopping rendezvous around the world! It almost seems like if a plaid tickled David’s fancy, he would have it in every shade available!

Anyway, no prizes for guessing which plaid he paraded where… but it would be nice to hear which is your favourite David plaid! Comment if you like!

plaid /plaed/ (noun) Chequered, crisscross or tartan pattern, outer article of Highland costume; cloth used for this. (Gaelic plaide, of unknown origin)

Hello archangels!

We are starting something exciting for David Archuleta fans – for the love of his music, and to support his charities of choice! Largely still under construction, but our very first “Make A Difference” Sign Up Campaign will be starting soon! It will be benefitting Invisible Children, one of the causes supported by David. Keep checking back here, or follow us on twitter and pacmee for updates!


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