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Pick Of The Day – Apologize

Kodak Center, May 21 2008 AI Season 7 Finale
video credit TheKristiana.
During his run on AI, people would scoff at the thought of David doing Apologize – until that infamous duet with One Republic on finale results nite. Archangels will remember THE STRUT, while detractors have to admit that he CAN be current!

But while he hardly tackled the ‘falsetto’ for that AI performance, it was pure perfection during the AI Tour – one of the faves of ‘non-fans’ …. and for us fans, it brought about the invention of the term ‘hunkerdown’!
Newark NJ, July 3 2008 AI Season 7 Tour
video credit livehead16

David relived Apologize for the recent summer tour – going acoustic with new intensity, and probably a deeper ‘bonding’ with the song.

A little shaky here, accompanying himself for the first time…
Hartford XL Center, June 21 2009 Summer Tour
video credit djbell13

Nailing it and adding new nuances…
Nassau Coliseum New York, June 24 2009 Summer Tour
video credit LuvJonas61

Golden by the time it hits Philly!
Mann Center for the Arts Philadelphia, June 27 2009 Summer Tour
video credit muldur99



Pick Of The Day

Video Credit to TheKristiana.
Apologise – the one Idol performance that showed us a glimpse of what’s in store for David Archuleta in today’s contemporary music scene as he completed Season 7 – his unique brand of soulful pop was totally infused in the ‘duet of the night’ with One Republic. It went on to become a favourite David cover for non-fans, and justified he was current enough to ‘make it’ in the real world. Apologise aptly marked the end of the Idol chapter for David, and the start of a very remarkable career indeed! And… which David fan could forget that infamous ‘strut’ across the stage lol?