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Pick of the Day – Plethora of Plaids!

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 In Tune Concert NYC January 12, 2009 When David tweeted from the UK that he was ‘into’ PLAIDS, he certainly wasn’t kidding! And while he has favoured the occasional plaid in many a public appearance in the past, it is in the current summer tour that David decided to unleash his ‘plaid fetish’ in full fervour upon us!

So here’s our ‘plaid parade’ of his snazzy collection – some being the doing of cool stylists or fan gifts, others personally hand-picked by our ‘plaid boy’ on his many a shopping rendezvous around the world! It almost seems like if a plaid tickled David’s fancy, he would have it in every shade available!

Anyway, no prizes for guessing which plaid he paraded where… but it would be nice to hear which is your favourite David plaid! Comment if you like!

plaid /plaed/ (noun) Chequered, crisscross or tartan pattern, outer article of Highland costume; cloth used for this. (Gaelic plaide, of unknown origin)


Pick Of The Day

David’s love affair with the scarf achieves new heights in Manchester with this new twist in how he wore it! And who would have thought David Archuleta can make a plain black tee look gorgeous with a little accessorising? Mad vocal talent – yes! Suave fashion sense as well? Oh wow! Ehmmm…. Simon should take some lessons from little David here indeed!

Pick Of The Day

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Pick Of The Day

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