Fans of David Archuleta united to make a difference thru his music


We link some of the interesting or random David-related news here! This page is updated throughout the week, so visit often!

Merry Archmas!
Lol David singing Xmas carols with MTV’s Jim Cantiello is all sorts of win.. and simply diviiiinnnneeee….
credit zs803

People Mag – Teen Idol Mania!
David did this cool photoshoot with Rick Springfield for People Mag! This short interview is hilarious! Can’t wait for the photos to appear in People!credit ArchuletaAvenue

“Let It Be” in epic proportions…
At the SLC Brooke White/Michael Johns/Benton Paul concert – surprise guest David Archuleta joins them on stage for “Let It Be”! Murray Theater, Sept 09.
Here’s “Proud Mary” too!
credit azac460

THIS!… says it all!credit r2rod2
Pivotal… yet another milestone for David in more ways than one!

Touch My Hand, KL!
Cool vid by Hitz.FM highlighting David’s time in KL! Ahhh… memories 🙂
Thanks Hitz.FM!

‘Para O Brasil Arch Angels!’
David just made the day for the Brazilian archangels! Cute questions and cuter answers! He never misses a beat, does he?

I’ll Be – 3in1!
Our very own Kim’s first tribute video!

“I love Kendra too! Not that way though…”
credit blackfusion100
Priceless moment! David was introducing Kendra before ‘To Be With You’, and it took an unexpected turn that went down like this…
Fans: We love you Kendra!
David: Hahahaha, I love Kendra too! Yeah, alright.
Fans: Whoo!
David: Not that way though. Gross, no, a big sister. Ahaha. Ok, anyway, so, haha, this song is called um..
Fans: Whoooo! I love you!
David: Yeah, you said it, To Be With You.

David Tweets!
How about adding some headwhips and handstands in the next instalment?

Puts a smile on our faces, and warm our hearts..
credit kathysclown

Those Dang Sleeves!

“Hello Band!” LOL

Sparkling Smiles! David and his fans’ support for Rising Star Outreach puts a sparkling smile on these grateful kids’ faces! Awww….

“TOhtorro”….David loves his “TOhtorro”, and Demi/David combo is all too cute!

David’s First Twitpic!
David’s accompanying tweet: “My friend Totoro.. for those of you who have never heard of him… haha” Seriously, we can’t decide who is cuter, lol!

David Speaks Abt MJ!
The sincere tribute to MJ was aired by FlyFM as Zero Gravity hits #8 on Most Wanted Chart!

David Sings for Seventeen M’sia!
Seventeen says: “If we were head over heels before, his personal interview/concert sent us in continuous cartwheels! We love you Archie!!!” Need we say more?
credit 17malaysia

David and His Bowl of Nuts?!
This random vid is all sorts of hilarious… the spazzing videographers, David strolling nonchalantly around with a bowl of nuts?, autographing on the side panel of a van?, jumping out of the van to squeals of excitement, Johnny? carrying his bowl of nuts? lol… and him carting off a boxful of stuff/gifts… Don’t we love random David in random vids lol!
credit vfree4all

Alicia Meets David!
The sweetest story of how TeamArchie n LovingArchie come together to help fulfill a young girl’s dream! And she’s Malaysian! Kudos to TA and LAF!

Alicia with David!

Alicia with David!

Read full story here!

Promo Cards!
Monica and Nat are amazing for creating these clever promo cards to be distributed during the summer tour! Post them on your FB/Myspace pages, blogs, or email them to your friends!
click for bigger view

Album is GOLD!
He achieved this way back in January, but better late than never! Now, when will he get the Platinum for Crush as well?
credit Trudimoon

David with Jive execs and his Gold plaque!

David with Jive execs and his Gold plaque!

David’s Clan!
It’s good to see David being surrounded by friends and family who love and support him – here in Del Mar!
click for bigger view
More HERE at Archuleta Fanscene!

David on Sony Style!
He came to our shores way back in April, but the media keeps popping up! Cheery David FTW here:credit sdlighter


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