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Pick Of The Day – Angels

While Imagine turned the spotlight on David, Angels always has a personal bond with him. It was breathtaking by the time the AI tour ended in Tulsa – far surpassing his Top8 nite and early talentshow renditions….
David Archuleta Angels Tulsa September 13, 2008
credit bdsherlock

but David never fails to keep taking it to new heights, even in an acapella and impromptu setting ….
David Archuleta sings “Angels” in a private B97 meet & greet at Clearview Mall February 15, 2009
credit B97NewOrleans

to the culmination of it all …. his finest rendition yet! Here – song and singer becomes one… simply stunning…
David Archuleta ANGELS Y100 stripped version at the NYC Tribeca, PC Richard & Son Theater, May 28 2009
credit jackryan4DA
Angels will be missed on summer tour … till David breathes new life into it again. Looking forward to that day, when he brings on tears of joy again – for all who are lucky enough get a “David-Angels” live experience!